Getting Window Blinds For Your Young Kids

Has your little child recently told you they want new window treatments. Well they probably have not. Other than bothering you for more toys, you should surprise them.

You can get their favorite cartoon character and put them inside their room. You can do this with a wall decal or custom blackout shades. You can find these blinds here at blinds madison, blinds cleveland, blinds Philadelphia, blinds chesapeake, blinds greensboro and blinds New Orleans.

You don’t need to order brand name blinds like hunter douglas or buy them from lowes window treatments department, because at the end of the day these are just blinds and you can save if you buy them online.

They have all types of window coverings and ship them to blinds chandler, blinds san diego, blinds portland, blackout shades chicago and blinds Rochester.

They have window shades that are made for exterior use as well. These are great and last through heavy rain or snow. They will be sure to be your family’s favorite and you can find those at blinds Dallas, blinds Jersey City, blinds St. Petersburg. These modern window treatments can complete the look of any home and have you be the envy of your neighborhood.

Interior Design Also Includes Window Treatments

You might be shocked to learn that Interior Design covers every single aspect of design that you can think of. For example, the windows in your home or office.

Many people don’t realize that your window coverings are a part of the entire design process. They should be planned for like everything else.

3 inch cover hides

If you have an earthy decor inside your home, our recommendation is to go with wooden blinds. These are great because they add natural beauty.

For those who are on a budget, you can get custom vertical blinds installed for a very affordable price.

Another great window covering option is a solar fabric shade. These look great and are awesome because you get to keep your view.

Any home decor needs to have a basic offsetting item. You can go with white or ivory blackout blinds. They are neutral and block out light completely. Go to for all types of blinds you can get at and Have you ever thought about controlling your window treatments with a remote? Well, motorized shades allow you to do this without a problem.

In the end, your designer of choice should have a plan for what window shades to install. They should not be an afterthought.

Some people might not want a roller shade. That is completely okay. Consider roman shades made with custom fabrics.

One of those custom fabrics that can be used on roller or roman shades is bamboo. This is a natural material and looks beautiful.



What is better than reading a book? Reading multiple books. That is why I love to install bookshelfs in my clients homes. That is the one thing I always recommend when customers ask me what should they build in their homes.

We at Amy Mickle love interiors and bookshelfs our on the top of our lists. Books in general are great for families and specially kids. If you have kids in your home, I would suggest you buy faux wood blinds or solar shades because they last long, for more on window blinds and other treatments make sure to visit . So make sure to go with them for the best window coverings in the industry. You can also get windows blinds like these vinyl blinds and patio door blinds too. Or you can buy these nice solar screen that is a blackout shade and also motorized solar shades. Maybe you can buy these roll up blinds that are blackout roman blinds and bamboo roman shades. With today’s world where kids spend more time on video games than actually reading books, it’s even more important for parents to install a book shelf in their homes. Also, they look great inside almost any home!

My latest project involved a home of a newly wed couple. This time is so exciting for newly weds. They are embarking on a journey together as a couple, and it can be so fun and exciting. I was happy to see that this couple is very much into literature and they wanted a book shelf built into their home. As I was over visiting to plan the bookshelf, I came across her beautiful plus size wedding dress that she had hanging on the wall. She was so creative, she got her wedding dress encased in a shelf and it’s hanging in the wall. See the best dresses at and also at, and And you can even get the best window blinds over at and They have a little bit of aluminum made over at and She said she got her dress from Say Yes bridal, and online store that sells wedding dresses. You can check out their site here over at this link, You’ll like all their gowns!